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Cotsoco is changing the way people experience therapeutic massage. The therapist to them – at their home or office – within the same day, and often within the same hour. Cotsoco was built on the idea that busy people can’t always take the time to go to the spa or clinic to get a therapeutic massage. Rather than having to book days in advance for an appointment, they can get treatment from Cotsoco when they need it most – on short notice. When their massage is over, they can relax where they are instead of battling traffic or transit to make their way home.

  • Arm Pressure On Straps Controls The Strength Of The Massage

    Well made massager comes packed in a handy storage bag. Also included are a home power adapter and a car power adapter that plugs into a cigarette lighter in the car - Simple push-button controls turn it on, change the direction the balls rotate, change to one of three speeds, or activate a gentle heat.

  • Super nice massage Gun

    Very good Quality and well made massager. Comes with charging cable and 10 different changeable heads that are good for different parts of your body. Has 30 speeds to choose from on an easy to read LED screen, located on the back of the handle. Very relaxing and eases tension in muscles within minutes of using it. Super good price, Highly Recommend this massage gun.

  • Nice item, no charger included

    I liked the pressure, I have carpel tunnel and this was much needed. I am disapointed that I cant charge it, there was not a cord in the box. Now I have to wait before i can massage my other one.

  • Great for tension headaches!

    I got one of these a while ago after a nurse that I work with recommended it. She had chronic back pain and after using this neck massager she no longer had the pain that she was having. I was frequently having tension headaches. I ordered one of these in hopes that it would take those away. It did!

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